get on The Front Foot and fast Track your Fat Loss Efforts This February!
Little Known Ways To Lose Weight And Transform Your Body!
  • Burn undesirable body fat?
  • Strengthen and tone muscle?
  • Boost your cardiovascular fitness?
  • ​Transform your body whilst still eating the foods that you love?
If you answered "YES!" to all 4 questions then this program is for YOU!
Have you every started a health kick, only to find yourself falling off the bandwagon a few short weeks later?

Let me guess, for the first few weeks your motivation levels were sky high, your diet was on point and you probably saw some promising results from all your training… but as time went on and other commitments got in the way, you began to fall off track.
You began compromising your personal and family life and you found yourself torn between the body that you want and the lifestyle you enjoy.

Chances are the diet protocol you were following eliminated your favourite foods, set unrealistic standards and compromised your social life. These highly restrictive protocols give you very flexibility or freedom.

They are highly restrictive because they are designed for professional fitness models and bodybuilders that actually have the time! The reality is that you might not have that same amount of time at your disposal.

It's not your fault.

The fitness industry is awash with an extensive range of highly restrictive training and dieting protocols that don't work in line with your unique lifestyle, they work against it.
The truth is that it doesn’t have to be that way...
What if I told you that you could lose body fat while still enjoying the foods you love?

No I'm not joking. I know that it defies common belief but recent findings from highly-esteemed nutritional scientists from around the world show that you CAN in fact include "junk" food in your diet and STILL lose weight. Yes it's true! You can have your cake and eat it too! The concept of 'Flexible Dieting' allows you to include your favourite foods in your diet provided they fit your individual macronutritional requirements.

Through this program I want to EMPOWER you to make informed decisions regarding your traning and nutrition by equipping you with the practical skills required to liberate you from unsustainable restrictive dieting behaviours and patterns.
In my experience working in the fitness industry as a personal trainer and online coach over the past 8 years I have identified that the 3 fundamental reason why people fail to achieve their fitness goals is because they lack:
1.    Structure
2.    Accountability
3.    Knowledge

That is why I have spent many months developing a program that has been specifically designed to equip you with the necessary tools and support required to make your fitness goals and ambitions a reality once and for all.

My Shred Plan is a new group coaching program that has been purpose-built to provide you with the structure, accountability and knowledge necessary to transform your body and lifestyle but make it permanent.

Just imagine having an easy-to-understand step by step program that is readily accessible at your fingertips whether you’re training at the gym or shopping for groceries to prepare the right meals to speed up your results.

Just imagine in 3 months from now, you are on your way to achieving your fat loss goals, you have tons of energy to attack each day and you are feeling fantastic!
My Transformation
My name is Robbie Frame and I have been working in the fitness industry for almost a decade now. Trust me… I’ve been in your position before. I was skinny and then fat before I ever became fit. I know from first-hand experience all the trials and tribulations that one goes through when trying to transform their body.

I know better than most, that if you weren’t born with it, you’ve got to work harder for it.

After years of personal research and practical application I discovered a wide range of evidence-based training and nutrition protocols which have since helped me win a highly coveted Pro Card in the WBFF as well as a Top 2 placing in the fitness model category at the 2018 WBFF Australian PRO/AM.

My experiences as a Pro Fitness Model has complemented my work as a Personal Trainer and Online Coach where I have had nearly a decade of industry experience working with hundreds of clients from all over the globe helping them realise their personal potential and achieving their fitness goals.
✓ Burn Fat:
You will learn how to efficiently burn body fat whilst retaining lean muscle mass using evidence-based training and nutrition protocols. 

✓ Become Stronger:
You will receive a customised training program designed in line with your training goals and factoring in your training availability and lifestyle.

✓ Become Fitter:
You will receive a cardio conditioning program with a series of MetCon circuits designed to provide a dynamic alternative to monotonous and mundane conventional cardio options.

✓ Become Organised:
You will be equipped with the tools, processes and behaviours required to initiate change and then maintain it as part of a sustainable lifestyle.

✓ Become More Confident: Once you begin to see results, you’ll see yourself in a completely different light.
✓ Be Educated:
You will be educated on evidence-based training and nutrition protocols, guidelines and principles which will allow you to design your own training programs and meal plans in the future.

✓ Be Supported:
You'll have all the support that you need through the RFF Fraternity Facebook Group. This tight-knight community of like-minded individuals will hold you accountable and keep you on track when times get tough.
Our Guarantee: Achieve Your Goal Or It's Free!
"Achieve Your Goal Or It's Free!" Is our promise. To make your decision easier, we guarantee our results. 

If you do not achieve the goals that we set together by the end of the program and you've committed yourself whole-heartedly to the program and the requirements inherent in it then simply let us know and we'll refund your whole investment. 

We've taken the risk out for you. No worries, no hassles. We will give you all the secrets, all the tools and the techniques... most of all we'll make it fun for you. All you need to do is show up and put in the effort. We will take it from there!
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